la fonte by brendonjohnwarner

Produced by ascending Sydney engineer Antonia Gauci (Kučka, Kesha, Vallis Alps) and mastered by New York ambient luminary Rafael Anton Irisarri (Christina Vantzou, Loscil, Jacaszek), the tracks featured in la fonte mix acoustic instruments and electronics to paint a vivid and immersive soundscape.

Sounds From The Ice by UNSW

Music: Brendon John Warner Script: Brad Hall Narration: Chris Turney Audio Engineer/Production: Martin Jamieson Production: Lee Henderson, Zoe Thomas Blending real audio samples from the Antarctic and a haunting four-part composition, come on a voyage to the southern continent.

Lost Motos Score by brendonjohnwarner

Music composed for the Lost Motos short film documenting a group of young men in Sydney, Australia challenging masculine stereotypes, breaking doing stigmas of male stoicism and promoting discussion around men’s mental health.