Brendon John Warner is an Australian composer and multi-instrumentalist producing works spanning contemporary classical to electronica. Having released his debut solo record La fonte in 2018, Brendon is currently immersed in the process of creating his follow-up work.

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With a multi-faceted musical background, Brendon, a trombone student at an early age, later picked up the guitar and joined Australian post-rock band We Lost the Sea. For eight years, Brendon wrote, recorded and toured Australia with the group, after which he began pursuing a long lingering creative thread leading down a different musical path. As his interest in piano, synthesis and sound-design permeated his compositional work, he decided to leave the band and to dedicate himself to a more radical, contemporary musical view, later studying composition and sound design with the Berklee College of Music.

Produced by ascending Sydney engineer Antonia Gauci (Kučka, Kesha, Vallis Alps) and mastered by New York ambient luminary Rafael Anton Irisarri (Christina Vantzou, Loscil, Jacaszek), the tracks featured Brendon’s debut record ‘la fonte’ mix acoustic instruments and electronics to paint a vivid and immersive soundscape. The album explores the compelling and tenuous relationships between humanity and planet earth, ecology and economy, man-made climate change and our polar icecaps, placing Brendon at the forefront of a new generation of contemporary composers bringing focus to some of the important issues of our time.


The tracks featured in la fonte place Brendon’s music in an eclectic artistic sphere melding classical and contemporary musical elements. Described by Stationary Travels as “a sprawling, kaleidoscopic electroacoustic exploration“, la fonte seeks to highlight the environmental issues so critical to our time.

“Both musically and thematically ‘la fonte’ challenged me to re-imagine the way I express myself through music. While storytelling through instrumental music in nothing new to me, using a broader concept of sound and composition to delve into more contemporary issues became the hallmark of what I was trying to achieve. From the use of found-sounds and sampling to blending synthesized drums with live percussion, and even a more open approach toward improvisation, this record, and the impossibly big themes it aims to explore, changed me as a musician and as an artist.” – Brendon John Warner

The album is available on all major streaming services and to purchase via bandcamp.

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